No problem. Only good solutions.

VTM believes in wholehearted service for our customers in all situations and situations. We are there to solve your concerns, acute as long-term. We are always available to solve complications and carry out repairs on site and in our own fully-equipped workshop. With staff available 24 hours a day, we create successful and long-term relationships with our customers based on security and trust.

With excellence and great experience, our staff is the one who assures our customers of high quality service in every situation.

We possess extensive knowledge of the industry and can carry out all the tasks that have to do with valve service. We take care of maintenance and make extensive repairs.
Troubleshooting, checks, repairs and proofing are part of our everyday lives and we love our job.

We also offer service and repairs of pneumatic actuators and positioners.

Our business idea is based on the fact that we are always there for our customers and that no jobs are too big or too small. Our goal is to always work time and cost effectively to minimize operational and production stoppages. On site at customer or in our own workshop.

”Problems” are for solving. Either they are acute or long-term. We adapt maintenance and repairs to our customers’ needs and conditions.

We have knowledge of the industry and can do anything about valve service: we make troubleshooting and checks, manages maintenance and makes extensive repairs.

● Troubleshooting
● Repair
● Final check
● Pressure Testing